Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Running a Marathon on Sunday-OMG!!!

So, the LA Marathon is this Sunday. It is my very first!!! I ran the Surf City half marathon in Huntington Beach last month (awesome) in 1:55:30. I had the worst case of explosive diarrhea at the end! God, I hope I do not have the same problem on Sunday because I am physically incapable of retaining that force for 26.2 miles. Anyway, it is testimonial that vegans are not sickly, anemic weaklings.  I would love to hear from any vegan runners out there.
I need to get going on my garden. I have some left over tomatoes (ah, the joys of being in Palm Springs), and huge heads of lettuce that are going to seed. Mini Cooper doesn't mind. He loves anything home-grown.

I plan on posting vegan recipes, especially those that my omnivore husband enjoys. My favorites are baked goods, but I have developed many of my own recipes, and tweaked those from other people over the many years that I have been cruelty free. I will try to do at least two a week.

Anyway, I must get to the gym. It is way too windy to run outside and I am on a tapered training week. I was just waiting for my lunch to digest (refried beans with habanero salsa do not bounce around well in the tummy), and I decided to start my blog. I hope to help vegans to balance their diets, encourage those with the slightest interest in running a marathon, and maybe entertain a little with the way I look at the world. So, until my next post, love your families, especially the furry ones, be nice to mean people, and save the drowning bees from your swimming pools....

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