Friday, March 18, 2011

Becoming a Vegan

I became a vegan in 1994. Before that time, I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian for many years. I have never looked back. I do not deal well with guilt, and I did not want to contribute to any animal suffering. When I was training to become a health inspector (environmental health specialist) years later, I had to complete a specified number of hours in vector control. Part of that included inspecting egg ranches for proper fly larvae control. The egg ranch was what you would expect, and while it was saddening, I felt better knowing that my money was not financing it through egg purchases and consumption. Unfortunately, most people do not consider where their food comes from, and they do not want you to tell them anything about it. So, I do not push my beliefs on others nor do I tell people that I am vegan when I first meet them. I would like to educate people on the problems associated with eating meat without cramming information down their throats. I just try to prepare really good, familiar looking vegan food for potlucks and for house guests. I think being a good salesman is better than being a bully. By the way, the picture is of a pigeon ("Chicken-Ball & Chain") whose parents decided it could be reared out on the ground in the middle of the desert summer. His name is just Chicken.

I'm going to LA tomorrow for the marathon. My husband is making a list of places to go to while we're there. I'm sure he's going to try to drag me around until I have blisters on my feet and I have problems running on Sunday.

No recipe today. I'm just going to make easy burritos. By the way, when you're in Palm Springs and looking for a good vegan burrito or whatever, you have to visit Native Foods. There is one in Palm Springs an one in Palm Desert off of El Paseo. Check out their website. It rivals Real Food Daily. Really! Did anybody make the Sheep Lover's Shepherd's Pie? Next week.....Red Velvet Cupcakes!!!

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